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Donor Advised Fund

Donate to Heritage through your Donor Advised Fund

If you have a donor-advised fund (DAF) through Fidelity, Charles Schwab, or BNY Mellon, you can donate to The Heritage Foundation by clicking here.

If your donor advised fund is not listed above, you can contact your advisor directly at your DAF sponsoring organization to recommend a donation to Heritage. The Heritage Foundation's Tax ID number is #.

To donate to The Heritage Foundation through the mail, please direct your DAF sponsoring organization to make checks payable to:

The Heritage Foundation
Attn: Carsten Walter
214 Massachusetts Ave.
Washington, DC 20002

What is a Donor Advised Fund?

A donor-advised fund (DAF) provides donors with a centralized charitable giving vehicle. It allows philanthropically inclined individuals, families, and corporations to make an irrevocable charitable gift to a public charity that sponsors a DAF program and take an immediate tax deduction.

Once that is complete, DAF sponsor handles all record-keeping, disbursements, and tax receipts; and the donor serves as an advisor to the fund and recommends grants to the qualified public charities of their choice.

Contributions are tax-deductible, and any investment growth in the DAF is tax-free. It is also easy to donate long-term appreciated securities, eliminating capital gains taxes and allowing you to support several charities from one block of stock.

Have any Questions?

If you have any questions about a donor-advised fund, please reach out to Carsten Walter at [email protected].

The Heritage Foundation does not provide legal or tax advice. All material is presented solely as educational information. Examples of tax benefits are based on assumptions that might not apply to your individual circumstances. We recommend that you seek the advice of your attorney, tax advisor, and financial planner in connection with all gift and estate planning matters.


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